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I have been practising yoga and working with children for past 10 years. I have combined both and started my own journey to reach as many children as possible and provide a wonderful yoga classes for them. I design the classes carefully to make sure they appropriate for their age, abilities and interests. As a yoga teacher I want to make sure children will not only love my classes but also fully benefit from them in a long run. Classes last from 30min-1hour and consists of yoga stories, songs, games, arts and crafts,breathing techniques and meditation. Children learn the importance of love, gratitude and compassion for others. My classes are designed to develop their confidence ,self esteem and friendship in a non-competitive safe environment. Children learn how to be in the moment and develop mindfulness towards others and their own environemnt.

Relaxing & peaceful

Yoga brings endless benefits for the children. Yoga can really improve toddlers and babies sleep pattern and will bring more peace and quiet to their lives as opposite to tantrums and unsettling when attending nursery or playgroups. They learn a good balance, breathing methods and having lots of fun with other friends through games and children yoga stories. Primary school age children will improve their focus and concentration and learn how to deal with stress and pressure of every day life. Yoga encourage healthy habits of exercising, stretching their bodies and living a healthy lifestyle. Children will learn how to calm themselves down through different breathing techniques and meditation. It teaches how to be in the present moment and switch off from anything else. It also teaches you how to be mindful about things and people around you so you can share, live and love others.Yoga gives children so much needed confidence and develop their self esteem in a non competitive safe environment. Yoga teaches you how to be in the moment and be mindful of what are you doing, how you handling the situation and treating others, in the world where everyone is rushing to have this abilitity is priceless.


Workshops are run throughout the year around summer and winter time when children can attend daily for a 2 yoga and arts and crafts with usually a little break for a snack or lunch. Children will be able to learn yoga and have fun with others doing lots of different activities.


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